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Title Date published
It's OK To Be Weird & Anxious - May Wilkerson 2018-10-19
Adam Cayton-Holland: OCD, Social Conscience and Loss 2018-10-12
Mariel Hemingway - Generational Dysfunction & Art 2018-10-05
Dealing with Hopelessness - AFSP Psychiatrist Dr Christine Moutier 2018-09-28
Paul in Ireland VI - Terror, Hate & Forgiveness - Sponsored by BetterHelp 2018-09-21
Paul in Ireland V - Ex IRA Prisoner Jake MacSiacais - Sponsored by BetterHelp 2018-09-14
Paul in Ireland IV - Emma - Sponsored by BetterHelp 2018-09-07
Paul in Ireland III - Sponsored by BetterHelp - Caitlin 2018-08-31
Paul in Ireland II - Sponsored by BetterHelp - Michael Corr/Belfast 2018-08-24
Paul in Ireland I - Sponsored by BetterHelp 2018-08-17
ECT aka "Shock Therapy" - Beth May 2018-08-10
Fetish Shame, Meds & Martial Arts - Dylan Brody 2018-08-03
How to Deal With Addicts - Dr Cali Estes 2018-07-27
Michael Duffy - Vietnam Vet - Art & War 2018-07-20
Meredith Erin - Trolls, SJWs & Angry People 2018-07-13
Brian Huskey - Codependency vs Love 2018-07-06
Sexism PTSD & The Body - Elizabeth Menzel 2018-06-29
Female Domestic Violence Against Men - Daniel A 2018-06-22
Social Anxiety - Dr Ellen Hendriksen 2018-06-15
Jessa Reed - Trailer Park Survivor & PTSD 2018-06-07

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