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Title Date published
Ep. 42: Curtis Granderson and Neil Walker 2017-03-08
Ep. 41: Executive Access with Mark Feinsand - Sandy Alderson 2017-03-08
Ep. 40: Twins Manager Paul Molitor 2017-03-06
Ep. 39: Mike Matheny, Yadier Molina and Tommy Pham 2017-03-06
Ep. 38: Dee Gordon, Martin Prado, Michael Hill and Dave Van Horne 2017-03-03
Ep. 37: A.J. Hinch, Carlos Beltran and Josh Reddick 2017-03-01
Ep. 36: Nationals Outfielder Bryce Harper 2017-02-28
Ep. 35: Trea Turner, Adam Eaton and Dave Jageler 2017-02-27
Ep. 34: Ian Desmond, Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon 2017-02-24
Ep. 33: Mark Melancon, Denard Span and Brian Sabean 2017-02-24
Ep. 32: Ben Zobrist, Kris Bryant, Jon Jay and Theo Epstein 2017-02-22
Ep. 31: Baseball Historian and Author Hal Bock 2017-02-22
Ep. 30: Dave Roberts, Kenley Jansen and Sergio Romo 2017-02-21
Ep. 29: Terry Francona and Francisco Lindor 2017-02-20
Ep. 28: Former MLB Outfielder Mike Cameron 2017-02-17
Ep. 27: Houston Astros Broadcaster Robert Ford 2017-02-16
Ep. 26: Tigers Reporter Jason Beck and National Correspondent Richard Justice 2017-02-15
Ep. 25: Hall of Famer Tim Raines and Blue Jays Broadcaster Buck Martinez 2017-02-08
Ep. 24: Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten 2017-02-08
Ep. 23: Former All-Star and Yankees Broadcaster Ken Singleton 2017-02-02

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