Monsters Among Us Podcast is a call in show about the unexplained, cryptozoology and the paranormal. Witnesses of bigfoot, sasquatch, ufo's, ghosts and many more call in to share their experiences and encounters.


Title Date published
Sn.4 Ep.20 Hometown Legends Season 4 finale with Robert C. Robinson 2018-01-15
Sn.4 Ep.19 Ghosts, shadow people, the hatman and more 2018-01-05
Sn.4 Ep.18 Ghostly voices, weird creatures and Australian Mirrored Men 2017-12-29
Sn.4 Ep.17 Skunk ape, ghosts in the road, more ufo's and bigfoot in Texas 2017-12-22
Sn.4 Ep.26 Another michgan UFO, tons of ghosts and the weirdest call yet 2017-12-15
Sn.4 Ep.15 Strange men, southern ghosts, UFO's over the US and glowing apparitions 2017-12-08
Sn.4 Ep.14 East Coast Bigfoot, bedroom intruders and a snake in the sky 2017-12-01
Sn.4 Ep.13 A beastly dog, a hunch-back cryptid, grandma's ghost and the infamous Zozo 2017-11-17
Sn.4 Ep.12 The white creature, a strange ouija experience and UFO's over Texas 2017-11-10
Sn.4 Ep.11 Headless pets, UFO disclosure, New England ghosts and giant bats 2017-11-03
Sn.4 Ep.10 The Halloween Special - Halloween Haunts and Legends 2017-10-27
Sn.4 Ep.9 A dogman in a ditch and a super villain in Texas 2017-10-20
Sn.4 Ep.8 A white creature, alien visitors and more mirrored men 2017-10-12
The Sasquatch / Bigfoot Special 2017-09-22
Sn.4 Ep.6 Shadow beings in the bedroom and a stalking beast over seas 2017-09-15
Sn.4 Ep.5 The black thing, Montana intruder and a first for the show 2017-09-08
Sn. 4 Ep. 4 - UFO's over Texas, a handsy ghost and an unlikely visitor 2017-08-31
Sn. 4 Ep. 3 - Haunted houses, an Ouija warning and a possible skinwalker 2017-08-25
Sn. 4 Ep. 2 - Creature in the bushes, a giant maggot, a giant bird and a coincidental spirit 2017-08-17
Sn. 4 Ep. 1 - Bigfoot in the road, a helpful ghost and a slip in time 2017-08-11

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