Former NFL scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks break down the latest news and action around the league from a scout’s perspective, alongside NFL player personnel executives.


Title Date published
Impact If There's No Preseason & Potential of Spring College Football 2020-07-14
Looking Back at the First Round of the 2020 NFL Draft 2020-07-08
Reaction to Patrick Mahomes' 10-Year Contract Extension 2020-07-07
MTS Football/Baseball Crossover Part 2: Manager, Former Players and Media Members 2020-07-02
MTS Football/Baseball Crossover Part 1: General Managers 2020-06-30
Reaction to Patriots Signing Cam Newton 2020-06-29
Bill Polian on Team Building & Core Traits Needed in a QB 2020-06-25
Mel Tucker on Connecting with Players & Similarities Between the College & NFL Game 2020-06-22
Pete Carroll & Dr. Michael Gervais on Russell Wilson & Importance of Staying in the Moment 2020-06-18
Dominance of the Shanahan System + Pete Carroll & Dr. Michael Gervais on Development of Players 2020-06-16
Value of RB Position + Lincoln Riley on Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray & Jalen Hurts 2020-06-11
Breaking Down Shortened MLB Draft & Advantage of a Rule Change in the CBA 2020-06-09
Cris Collinsworth on Social Justice + Lincoln Riley on Communication with his Team 2020-06-04
Top 5 Teams in the Trenches + Cris Collinsworth on Paying QBs 2020-06-02
Dave Roberts on Mindset of a Comeback & Importance of Managing Relationships 2020-05-29
Breakout Second-Year Players & Top 3 QBs in College Football 2020-05-26
John Smoltz Talks Mentality to Pitch, QBs Who Played Baseball & Deion Sanders 2020-05-22
Tom Brady Working Out with Bucs + Tips for Scouting Live Games 2020-05-19
Urban Meyer on Players He's Coached, Culture & Competitiveness 2020-05-15
Urban Meyer on Michael Jordan + Future of Scouting 2020-05-12

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