Former NFL scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks break down the latest news and action around the league from a scout’s perspective, alongside NFL player personnel executives.


Title Date published
165: Free agency edition 2017-03-09
164: Scouting Combine recap 2017-03-08
163: Scouting Combine defensive preview, talking to Myles Garrett’s high school basketball coach 2017-03-01
162: Scouting Combine preview, talking to Myles Garrett’s high school coach 2017-02-27
161: Scouting competition finalists join the show 2017-02-23
160: Could 49ers trade for Kirk Cousins? Combined mock draft 2017-02-21
159: NFL Draft player comparisons 2017-02-17
158: Top RB draft prospects, talking to BYU RB Jamaal Williams 2017-02-15
157: DJ's Mock Draft 2.0, scouting winning culture 2017-02-09
156: Super Bowl LI recap, coaching moves, RB prospects 2017-02-07
155: Super Bowl LI preview 2017-02-02
154: New GM hires, Senior Bowl recap 2017-01-31
153: Senior Bowl practice, Conference Championship recap 2017-01-25
152: DJ's Top 50 prospects, incoming QBs, WRs, RBs and more 2017-01-18
151: Chargers to LA, coaching hires, Divisional round upsets? 2017-01-12
150: Deshaun Watson, 2017 QB class, National Championship recap 2017-01-10
149: Loaded draft positions, Alabama vs. Clemson, talking QBs 2017-01-05
148: Wild Card preview, best coaching vacancies, National Championship preview 2017-01-03
147: College Football Playoff preview 2016-12-28
146: QB talk, scouting the Pro Bowl, O-Line gems 2016-12-26

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