Former NFL scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks break down the latest news and action around the league from a scout’s perspective, alongside NFL player personnel executives.


Title Date published
145: Skipping bowls, character flags, late round QB finds 2016-12-20
144: Scouting hits and misses, college bowl game picks 2016-12-15
143: DeShone Kizer, underclassmen QBs in NFL, Rams next head coach 2016-12-13
142: RGIII’s gameplan, NFL Week 14 preview and best bowl games 2016-12-08
141: Heisman hopefuls, CFB playoffs and Week 13 NFL recap 2016-12-06
140: Week 13 preview, where to find a QB, CFB and more 2016-12-01
139: QBs, pass rushers and Chargers GM Tom Telesco 2016-11-29
138: Turkey Day games and CFB picks 2016-11-23
137: Finding the perfect RB fit and how Doug Whaley built the Bills 2016-11-22
136: Which teams are in the QB market? 2016-11-17
135: NFL's elite and 2017 NFL Draft 2016-11-15
134: LaMarr Woodley joins for scouting report, bad bodies 2016-11-10
133: What scouts look for, turning around careers 2016-11-09
132: Cubs of the NFL and game picks 2016-11-03
131: Trade talk, Rodgers back on track and pass rushing keys 2016-11-01
130: Bad body, good player, stars returning in NFL 2016-10-27
129: Tractors, trailers, team identities and QB whisperers 2016-10-25
128: NFL's most intriguing matchups and CFB 2016-10-20
127: NFL Week 6 review, Reggie Wayne and more! 2016-10-18
126: Who's for real in the NFL, who can turn things around? 2016-10-13

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