THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason and Carl talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the cloud and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.


Title Date published
That Conference 2017 - Part 1 2017-08-14
Security with Troy Hunt 2017-07-31
Fluent Design with James Clarke 2017-07-25
Josh Doody on Resumes, Interviewing, and Negotiation 2017-07-20
Software Quality and Performance with John-Daniel Trask 2017-07-08
Cosmos DB with Rimma Nehme 2017-07-01
Functional Programming & F# with Lena Hall 2017-06-28
Microsoft Graph with Yina Arenas 2017-06-17
Adaptive Cards with Thomas Fennell and Matt Hidinger 2017-06-13
The More You Know with Paul Thurrott 2017-06-03
Windows Template Studio with Clint Rutkas and Michael Crump 2017-05-31
Project Rome with Vikas Bhatia and Shawn Henry 2017-05-29
Serverless & Logic Apps with Jeff Hollan 2017-05-27
Visual Studio for Mac with Joseph Hill 2017-05-24
Build 2017 Recap Live from the Channel 9 Stage! 2017-05-20
.NET Announcements with Scott Hunter 2017-05-17
What's up with Docs with Den Delimarsky 2017-04-29
Azure x-plat CLI 2.0 with Jason R. Shaver 2017-04-21
Mobile Center with Simina Pasat and Karl Piteira 2017-04-10
Welcoming our new AI Overlords with David Crook 2017-04-04

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