THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason and Carl talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the cloud and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.


Title Date published
Extreme Remote Work 2018-07-19
MSIX with John Vintzel 2018-07-12
Bots Experience with Michael Szul 2018-07-05
The Latest in MS Teams with Larry Jin and Andrew Bybee 2018-06-25
The Latest in Visual Studio for Mac with Jordan Matthiesen 2018-06-14
Microsoft Graph with Yina Areanas 2018-06-08
Windows Subsystem for Linux with Tara Raj & Sarah Cooley 2018-05-29
Windows 10 on ARM with Erin Chapple & Hari Pulapaka 2018-05-18
LiveShare & IntelliCode with Amanda Silver 2018-05-14
.NET Core 3 Present & Future with Scott Hunter & Mike Harsh 2018-05-11
How Windows uses VSTS with Jill Campbell & Ed Thompson 2018-05-10
Practical Unit Testing with John Callaway & Clayton Hunt 2018-05-06
Docker & Kubernetes with Rita Zhang 2018-04-17
Microsoft in Education with Colin Birge & Tejbir Sodhan 2018-03-28
Blazor (.NET in WebAssembly) with Dan Roth & Steve Sanderson 2018-03-19
Upgrading Angular JS Made Easy 2018-03-13
PowerShell Core with Jeffrey Snover 2018-02-26
Windows App Packaging Project with Stefan Wick 2018-02-20
Blockchain with Zeyad Rajabi 2018-02-12
Live Stream Your Coding with Suz Hinton 2018-02-05

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