The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been around for almost two centuries. It has ebbed and fluctuated in such a predictably adaptive manner throughout it's relatively short life in the religious realm. This Church has a very sordid past, which it does a very good job of teaching for itself, whether the history is slanted or not, is yours to decide. Join me on a journey through the history of the LDS Church through the eyes of the people that were actually there. We will learn about the founding members, where the practices came from, where the Book of Mormon (Mormon Bible) came from, and most importantly, we will examine Joseph Smith in every aspect possibly available to us today.


Title Date published
Ep 99 – I’ve Had Enough Trouble with This Thing 2018-04-20
Ep 98 – Standard Operating Protectionism 2018-04-13
Ep 97 – Lawsuits, Politics, and Temples 2018-04-06
Ep 96 – Jane Doe, Joseph L. Bishop, LDS Inc. 2018-03-27
Ep 95 – LDS Inc. 2018-03-23
Ep 94 – Purging Any Opposed Plus Lydia Finch 2018-03-16
Ep 93 – CC Protect LDS Children 2018-03-09
Ep 92 – Joseph’s Myth Plus Justin Clark 2018-03-02
Ep 91 – Calculated Risks, Legendary Rewards with Michael Schaffer 2018-02-23
Ep 90 – I’ll Show You a Bonaparte 2018-02-16
Ep 89 – Pass Go Collect 60 Bodyguards 2018-02-09
Ep 88 – Joseph Smith Arrested… Again 2018-02-02
Ep 87 – Greener Grass in Nauvoo 2018-01-26
Ep 86 – Talos’ Temple Crown 2018-01-19
Ep 85 – Mormon Titan 2018-01-12
Ep 84 – CC Polygamy Pt7 Roy Jeffs Pt2 Thomas Monson Death 2018-01-05
Ep 83 – CC Polygamy Pt6 Roy Jeffs Pt1 2017-12-29
Ep 82 – CC Polygamy Pt5 Lindsay Park & MLM 2017-12-21
Ep 81 – CC Polygamy Pt4 FLDS Warren Jeffs 2017-12-15
Ep 80 – CC Polygamy Pt3 The Stone Rolls Forth 2017-12-08

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