Every episode, legal expert Andrew and comic relief Thomas will tackle a popular legal topic and give you all the tools you need to understand the issue and win every argument you have on Facebook, with your Uncle Frank, or wherever someone is wrong on the Internet. It's law. It's politics. It's fun. We don't tell you what to think, we just set up the Opening Arguments.


Title Date published
OA280: Abortion Rights Under Assault 2019-05-21
OA279: Deutsche Wanna Loan? 2019-05-17
OA278: The Founding Myth (w/guest Andrew Seidel) 2019-05-14
OA277: The Republican Civil War 2019-05-10
OA276: Did Kansas Really Show Us The Way Forward on Abortion Rights? 2019-05-07
OA275: Yes, Bill Barr Perjured Himself 2019-05-03
OA274: Arguing Before the Supreme Court (with Monica Miller) 2019-04-30
OA273: Sears, Steve Mnuchin & "The Producers" 2019-04-26
OA272: Impeachment, Redactions, and Russia 2019-04-23
OA271: Dis-Barred (?) – The Mueller Report 2019-04-19
OA270: Happy Tax Day! 2019-04-16
OA269: Julian Assange Arrested 2019-04-12
OA268: Article V Conventions (w/Lawrence Lessig) 2019-04-09
OA267: Originalism and the Eighth Amendment (Bucklew v. Precythe) 2019-04-05
OA266: Auer Deference & Florida Felons 2019-04-02
OA265: The Investigation is Over, But the Investigations Continue (feat. Randall Eliason) 2019-03-29
OA264: The Barr Summary of the Mueller Report 2019-03-26
OA263: Nielsen v. Preap and Due Process Due Aliens 2019-03-22
OA262: Is Gideon v. Wainwright in Trouble?? 2019-03-19
OA261: Sentencing Paul Manafort 2019-03-15

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