Every episode, legal expert Andrew and comic relief Thomas will tackle a popular legal topic and give you all the tools you need to understand the issue and win every argument you have on Facebook, with your Uncle Frank, or wherever someone is wrong on the Internet. It's law. It's politics. It's fun. We don't tell you what to think, we just set up the Opening Arguments.


Title Date published
OA356: The Future of Flynn (w/guest Marcy Wheeler) 2020-02-04
OA355: Honest Answers to Impeachment Questions 2020-01-31
OA354: A Russian Asset Sues What? 2020-01-28
OA353: Duplicity and Impeachment 2020-01-24
OA352: Phil Ferguson Explains the SECURE Act 2020-01-21
OA351: Who's the Next Justin Amash? Your Guide to Impeachment, Part XVIII (Feat. Lev Parnas) 2020-01-17
OA350: Interview with House Candidate Chris Armitage 2020-01-14
Bonus Episode on Iran! 2020-01-11
OA349: Bolton Will Testify; Iran, Soleimani & So Much More 2020-01-10
OA348: The State of the Secular States, with Alison Gill 2020-01-07
OA347: Pennhurst and the Voter Purge in Georgia 2020-01-03
OA346: Faithless Electors (w/Lawrence Lessig) 2019-12-31
OA345: How John Roberts Saved Christmas (Or: Everything You Need to Know About Nixon v. US) 2019-12-27
OA344: Did the Mormon Church Really Hide $100 Billion in Assets From the IRS? (Feat. Bryce Blankenagel) 2019-12-24
OA343: The End of the ACA? (Also: Some Stuff About Impeachment) 2019-12-20
OA342: Why the Supreme Court Should Scare You Even More Than It Already Does 2019-12-17
OA341: Articles of Impeachment (& Espionza) 2019-12-13
OA340: OA and Serial, or, Why the Supreme Court Denied Cert in Syed v. Maryland 2019-12-10
OA339: Who is Jonathan Turley, Anyway? 2019-12-06
OA338: Nondelegation and the "Administrative State" 2019-12-03

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