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Title Date published
Onus of investigation on Congress, SDNY as Barr defers to Trump 2019-10-17
Trump impeachment inquiry banks evidence as witnesses testify 2019-10-16
Trump impeachment advances as US policy collapses into catastrophe 2019-10-15
Former ambassador excoriates corruption of Trump acolytes 2019-10-12
Criminality taints Giuliani role in Trump Ukraine scheme 2019-10-11
Trump asked Tillerson to help Giuliani client with DOJ: Bloomberg 2019-10-10
Trump showing desperation in defying impeachment inquiry 2019-10-09
Trump's ill-considered Syria pullout finds limit of GOP loyalty 2019-10-08
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: Joyce Vance 2019-10-06
At heart, Trump Ukraine scandal simple, impeachable, uncontested 2019-10-05
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: Kathy Ruemmler 2019-09-29
Acting-DNI Joseph Maguire testifies before the House Intel Committee 2019-09-26
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: William McRaven 2019-09-23
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: Rob Spencer 2019-09-15
Mueller Testifies: Part 4 2019-07-24
Mueller Testifies: Part 3 2019-07-24
Mueller Testifies: Part 2 2019-07-24
Mueller Testifies: Part 1 2019-07-24
Bonus Bag Man, Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret 2019-03-09

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