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Title Date published
Democrat Mary Peltola wins Alaska House race, defeating Sarah Palin 2022-11-24
Two red counties in Arizona refuse to certify elections. That could backfire. 2022-11-23
Schiff: McCarthy’s speakership will be about satisfying the ‘QAnon caucus’ 2022-11-22
DOJ appoints special counsel to oversee Trump investigations 2022-11-19
Nancy Pelosi steps down as party leader after two decades 2022-11-18
Trump’s 2024 announcement was so ‘low energy’ even Fox News cut away 2022-11-17
‘Twisted echo chamber’: Why voters rejected Trump’s extremist candidates 2022-11-16
Romney: Trump is like ‘aging pitcher'—and it’s time to 'get off the mound' 2022-11-15
GOP infighting ramps up in wake of midterm losses 2022-11-12

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