Minx and her listeners discuss loving more and polyamory, the lifestyle of being involved in more than one commited, long-term, loving relationship with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved. In this community-driven show, each week Minx talks sex, relationships, communication, family, erotica, psychology, orgasms and anything else that comes up in the ins and outs of the daily polyamorous lifestyle.


Title Date published
PW 269: Modern Poly Movement 2011-04-19
PW 268: Sociology of Poly Families 2011-04-12
Poly Weekly 267: Poly in Atlanta... and sci-fi 2011-04-01
Poly Weekly 266: Poly in "Reality" TV 2011-03-17
Poly Weekly 265: Lady Porn Day 2011-02-22
Poly Weekly 264: Wait; we're monogamous? 2011-02-18
Poly Weekly 263: STIpalooza, part 2 2011-01-24
Poly Weekly 262: Pimp my boobs! 2011-01-17
Poly Weekly Bonus: Canadian Polygamy Legislation 2010-12-26
Poly Weekly 261: The STI Special, part 1 2010-12-24
Poly Weekly 260: Replacing "primary" and "secondary" 2010-11-30
Poly Weekly 259: Mo and the Magic Banana 2010-11-22
Poly Weekly 258: The online kinkster 2010-11-18
Bonus: Poly and Single: Poly Dating 101 2010-11-17
Poly Weekly 257: Is it all about the sex? 2010-11-08
Poly Weekly 256: Sex at Dawn 2010-11-04
Poly Weekly 255: A Poly Vagabond 2010-10-31
PW 254: Is marriage out of style? 2010-10-18
Poly Weekly 253: Allena Gabosch, Sex Positive Activist 2010-10-11
Poly Weekly 252: Allena Gabosch 2010-10-04

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