Minx and her listeners discuss loving more and polyamory, the lifestyle of being involved in more than one commited, long-term, loving relationship with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved. In this community-driven show, each week Minx talks sex, relationships, communication, family, erotica, psychology, orgasms and anything else that comes up in the ins and outs of the daily polyamorous lifestyle.


Title Date published
Poly Weekly #109: Meeting Metamours 2007-05-18
Poly Weekly #108: Poly and the Prisoner's Dilemma 2007-05-09
Poly Weekly #107: Leather Leadership 2007-05-04
Poly Weekly Bonus: Hot Tub Cast! 2007-05-01
Poly Weekly #106: Mistress Matisse Gets Down & Dirty 2007-04-26
Citizen Kinkster: LLC social media seminar 2007-04-24
Poly Weekly #105: Mistress Matisse Talks Poly 2007-04-24
Poly Weekly #104 (for real): Poly and Single Redux 2007-04-13
Poly Weekly #103: Being Poly and Single 2007-04-04
Poly Weekly #102:; How Many Polys... Lightbulb? 2007-03-30
Special Edition: Sex Is Fun's Sex Ed Crash Course 2007-03-23
Poly Weekly #101: What Does "Family" Mean to You? 2007-03-23
Poly Weekly #100: PW ROCKS! 2007-03-15
Poly Weekly #99: All about furries 2007-03-12
Poly Weekly #98: Relationships AREN'T work! 2007-03-02
Poly Weekly #97: Polyamory in Studio 60 2007-02-24
Poly Weekly #96: Poly Roundtable 2007-02-20
Poly Weekly #95: Marriage as a Sacrament 2007-02-11
Poly Weekly #94: Emotional Intelligence 2007-02-05
Poly Weekly #93: Michelle Belanger Talks Tolerance 2007-01-24

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