Minx and her listeners discuss loving more and polyamory, the lifestyle of being involved in more than one commited, long-term, loving relationship with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved. In this community-driven show, each week Minx talks sex, relationships, communication, family, erotica, psychology, orgasms and anything else that comes up in the ins and outs of the daily polyamorous lifestyle.


Title Date published
PW 485: Do I end my marriage over untried poly? 2016-09-06
PW 484: Shifting time to match priorities 2016-08-25
PW 483: Dealing with gossip after coming out 2016-08-18
PW 482: Dealing with a**holes in the poly community 2016-08-12
PW 481: How much poly prep do I really need? 2016-08-06
PW 480: Traversing gender with Lee Harrington 2016-08-01
PW 479: What you need to know about diversity in poly 2016-07-25
Bonus: Minx's Bawdy story 2016-07-24
PW hiatus announcement 2016-05-22
PW478.5_12_16 2016-05-12
PW 477: What's the trick to triads? 2016-05-05
PW 476: How do I know where I stand? 2016-04-28
PW 475: When hierarchies collide 2016-04-20
PW 474: Recapturing your innocence 2016-04-07
PW 473: The myth of poly perfection 2016-03-31
PW 472: Minx coming out update 2016-03-24
PW 471: Emotional intelligence 2016-03-21
PW 470: Do I have to date my species? 2016-03-10
PW 469: Non-sexual relationships 2016-03-03
PW 468: Talking to one partner about another partner 2016-02-25

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