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Title Date published
Pondering Education Podcast Season 3 Premiere: “Reopening Schools Safely” 2020-08-17
Pondering Education Special Edition: Rainy Day Ponderings 2020-04-03
Pondering Education Special Edition: Forces of Influence 2020-03-23
Pondering Education Special Edition: An Interview with John Meehan. 2020-03-23
Pondering Education – Special Edition: Unpacking a Teaching Tolerance Workshop 2019-08-28
Pondering Education S2E13: EduChatting with Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton 2019-04-08
Pondering Education S2E12: Charting a Path Toward Racial Equity 2019-04-01
Pondering Education S2E11: Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students 2019-03-25
Pondering Education S2E10: A Conversation with Elizabeth Acevedo 2019-03-01
Pondering Education: S2E9 – Super Sunday with Jon Harper 2019-02-03
Pondering Education: S2E8 – Engage the Brain with Allison Posey 2019-01-23
Pondering Education: S2E7 – Time Management with PJ Caposey 2018-12-28
Pondering Education S2 E6: Teacher Leadership with Dr. Jill Harrison Berg 2018-11-21
Pondering Education S2E5 – The Journey of a New Teacher 2018-11-16
Pondering Education S2 E4: “The Teacher Wars – Part 1” 2018-11-10
Pondering Education: S2 E3 – #MassCUE18 and EDU Conferences 2018-10-23
Pondering Education: Season 2 – Episode 2 2018-10-08
Pondering Education: Season 2 – Episode 1: #NewTeacherJourney 2018-09-04
Pondering Education: Episode 18 – Literacy is LIT! 2018-08-28
Pondering Education: Episode 17 – Racial Inequity in Education 2018-08-14

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