2 Keto Dudes is all about the Ketogenic lifestyle. Science. Recipes. Stories. Join Carl Franklin and Richard Morris on their continuing journey from metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes to wellness.


Title Date published
Know your meat with Joan Walker 2018-08-27
Sated and Ted Tieken 2018-08-20
Ketofest Down Under with Jessica Turton 2018-08-14
The Ketofest Show 2018-08-06
Amy Berger Simplifies the Message 2018-07-30
Low Carb Chef Andrew Justice 2018-07-23
Sitting Down with Carrie Brown 2018-07-16
Catherine Crofts on Insulin and Dr. Joseph Kraft 2018-07-09
Joe Kosterich - Low Carbohydrate Physician 2018-06-30
Sarah Hallberg Reverses Diabetes 2018-06-25
Kirsty Woods low-carb exercise physiologist 2018-06-18
Dr. Troy Stapleton on Adult-Onset Type 1 Diabetes 2018-06-11
Nina Teicholz on Dietary Guidelines 2018-06-04
Taking a Little Break 2018-05-21
Prof Ken Sikaris Demystifies Cholesterol 2018-05-13
Martin Cebis on Strategic Dissonance 2018-05-07
Dr. Jason Fung unpacks the Diabetes Code 2018-04-30
John Wright on Metabolic Efficiency 2018-04-23
Thomas Seyfried may have just cured Cancer 2018-04-16
Jessica Turton: Dietitian and Scientist 2018-04-09

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