2 Keto Dudes is all about the Ketogenic lifestyle. Science. Recipes. Stories. Join Carl Franklin and Richard Morris on their continuing journey from metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes to wellness.


Title Date published
Dr. Ken Berry Rants! 2018-04-02
Bec Johnson: Type 1 Diabetic Superstar 2018-03-26
Ketofest 2.0 2018-03-19
Stories from Breckenridge 2018-03-13
Ketogenic Pregnancy with AnnaLee Fowler 2018-03-05
Healing Obesity with Eric Westman 2018-02-26
Eating Fat to Satiety 2018-02-19
What We Got Wrong 2018-02-12
Ivor Cummins on Heart Science 2018-02-05
Zoë Rocks Part 2 2018-01-29
Zoë Rocks Part 1 2018-01-22
Keto Centurians 2018-01-15
Inspiring your Community with Dr. Brian Lenzkes 2018-01-08
Break Nutrition 2018-01-01
2018 Holiday Hangout 2017-12-24
Keto and Depression with Matthew Mosca 2017-12-18
One year of the Ketogenic Forums 2017-12-11
Always Hungry with Dr. David Ludwig 2017-12-04
The Big Fat Fix with Dr. Aseem Malhotra 2017-11-27
Thanksgiving 2017 2017-11-20

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