2 Keto Dudes is all about the Ketogenic lifestyle. Science. Recipes. Stories. Join Carl Franklin and Richard Morris on their continuing journey from metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes to wellness.


Title Date published
Ideal Body Weight 2016-10-09
Inspiration 2016-10-02
Protein Controversy 2016-09-26
Femail! 2016-09-19
Paying It Back 2016-09-13
Tom Naughton, Fat Head 2016-09-04
Ted Talks (Dr. Ted Naiman) 2016-08-28
Hunger and Nutrition Movies 2016-08-21
Mad as Hell 2016-08-16
The Obesity Code with Dr. Jason Fung 2016-08-07
Cooking 2016-08-01
Epic Successes 2016-07-25
Keto on a Budget 2016-07-17
Non-Scale Victories 2016-07-13
Being Brenda Zorn 2016-07-03
The Big Fat Surprise 2016-06-26
Ketophobia 2016-06-21
Markers of Disease with Ivor Cummins 2016-06-12
Eating Patterns 2016-06-05
Heart Disease 2016-05-31

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