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Title Date published
Ep. 71: Chazon Ish: The Founding Father of the Modern Yeshiva World (Part Two: Making the Spiritual Desert Bloom) 2020-02-11
Ep. 70: Chazon Ish: The Founding Father of the Modern Yeshiva World (Part One: Torah Renaissance Man) 2020-01-28
Ep. 69: The Yom Kippur War (Part Four: Ceasefire and Aftermath) 2019-11-05
Ep. 68: The Yom Kippur War (Part Three: The Tide Turns) 2019-08-12
Ep. 67: The Yom Kippur War (Part Two: Israel on the Brink) 2019-06-05
Ep. 66: The Yom Kippur War (Part One: Prelude to War) 2019-05-17
Ep. 65: The Era of the Judges (Part Three: Samson the Mighty) + ANNUAL FUNDRAISER 2019-04-03
Ep. 64: The Era of the Judges (Part Two: Gideon and Yiftach) 2019-03-06
Ep. 63: The Era of the Judges (Part One: Osniel to Deborah) 2019-02-13
Ep. 62: Joshua and the Conquest of Canaan 2019-01-09
Ep. 61: Joshua: Disciple Par Excellence of Moses 2018-12-12
Ep. 60: Moses: The Quintessential Jewish Leader 2018-11-27
Ep. 59: The Blueprint of Jewish History 2018-11-15
Ep. 58: Abraham: The Birth of Monotheism and the Origins of the Jewish Nation 2018-10-24
Ep. 57: A History of Kabbalah (Part Two: The Arizal and His Era) 2018-10-10
Ep. 56: A History of Kabbalah (Part One: Fom Sinai to Safed) 2018-09-06
Ep. 55: Techeiles: The History of the Mysterious Blue Dye and its Fringe Benefits 2018-07-24
Ep. 54: The Entebbe Raid 2018-07-04
Ep. 53: The Ten Lost Tribes: History, Legends, and Folklore 2018-06-05
Ep. 52: The History of the Sanhedrin (Part Two: From Yavneh Onward) 2018-05-15

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