The Paceline is a cycling podcast aimed at roadies, mountain bikers, commuters, cyclocross enthusiasts , those who grind gravel—indeed anyone who claims cycling for their own. The bicycle is more than a thing, it’s an issue. The Paceline also discusses the bike’s place in society. The hosts love bike gear so expect some banter about what works and what does not on the road and trail. The show is backed by the Fatcyclist and Red Kite Prayer. The podcast on two wheels. No training wheels needed. The Paceline is a joint production by Fatty of Fat Cyclist and Patrick Brady and Michael Hotten of Red Kite Prayer.


Title Date published
#88: Sonoma Fires, vacation, relief efforts 2017-10-20
#87 Phil Gaimon Guest Hosts 2017-10-11
#86: Wahoo Fitness, VIQ: clipless pedals, injured high school athlete returns to cycling 2017-10-06
#85: Interbike, book on gravel riding, Sarah Hammer retires, Marin Bikes 2017-09-21
#84: Which foot forward? Interbike, 100 Miles of Nowhere 2017-09-14
#83: Memphis, heat, gloves and Base Cartel 2017-09-09
#82: The Punisher, a colonoscopy, Floyd's of Leadville 2017-08-31
#81: Gerard Vroomen, customer service, the eclipse 2017-08-24
#80: Leadville, Annadel, Canyon opens for biz 2017-08-18
#79: Leadville, Leadville, Rapha and Leadville 2017-08-11
Tandem #01: Dream Chaser 2017-08-04
#78: Leadville, Tour Divide, Saddle Drive, Interbike 2017-08-04
#77: Crashing, road diets, Dirt Rag celebrates 200 issues, ADHD 2017-07-29
#76: The Tour, Froome, ratatouille, Garmin, Speedplay and ratatouille 2017-07-22
#75: Crusher in the Tushar, children's book author Scott Fitzgerald 2017-07-13
#74: Sagan's expulsion, stolen bikes, Armstrong's new blog/podcast 2017-07-06
#73: PressCamp, interview with author Jacques Devore, suspension lockout—do you use it? 2017-06-29
#72: 2017-06-15
#71: Dirty Kanza, Topanga Creek Outpost, new Ultegra 2017-06-08
#70: Dirty Kanza, Sean Weide and Bruce Gordon 2017-06-02

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