The Paceline is a cycling podcast aimed at roadies, mountain bikers, commuters, cyclocross enthusiasts , those who grind gravel—indeed anyone who claims cycling for their own. The bicycle is more than a thing, it’s an issue. The Paceline also discusses the bike’s place in society. The hosts love bike gear so expect some banter about what works and what does not on the road and trail. The show is backed by the Fatcyclist and Red Kite Prayer. The podcast on two wheels. No training wheels needed. The Paceline is a joint production by Fatty of Fat Cyclist and Patrick Brady and Michael Hotten of Red Kite Prayer.


Title Date published
Tandem #05: Selene Yeager 2018-05-10
#113: weight loss, Breck Epic, when your legs are no good 2018-04-26
#112: packing, cramping and evolving 2018-04-19
#111: craziest race stories, getting back into riding after time off, rain riding 2018-04-12
#110: dog attack, quiver-killer bikes, the source of amazing 2018-04-05
#109: Travel with bike, bike beacons, affiliate programs 2018-03-29
#108: Argonaut, Eliel and new bike love 2018-03-22
#107: Cycling origins, if not cycling then what, hardest events, Selene Yeager 2018-03-15
#106: wrenching, early road bikes, Nick Legan 2018-03-09
#105: Yuri Hauswald, the boycott, remembering great ideas 2018-03-01
#104: NAHBS, terminology, an international guide to gravel 2018-02-22
The Paceline Podcast #103 2018-02-15
The Paceline Podcast #102 2018-02-08
#101: Bike regrets, riding ugly, taking on the Boston PD 2018-02-01
Paceline Tandem 04: Peter Flax 2018-01-30
#100: Burnout, Close Calls, Peter Flax, the Cycling Vacation 2018-01-25
#99: USAC, the constantly attacking rider, Ben Serotta 2018-01-19
#98: Awful riding conditions, 2018-01-11
#97: A Weekend of Misadventure 2018-01-09
Tandem 03 2018-01-04

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