<p>The pandemic has forced everyone to reexamine their finances, whether it’s dealing with a pay cut, how to best use cash from staying home, managing the ups and downs of investment markets or using this time to make a career change. Whatever the question, Financial Times consumer editor Claer Barrett knows where to find the right tips for your money. Every week, Claer talks to a listener about their money queries and consults her rolodex of financial advisors, planners and writers for no-nonsense and informed guidance that will help all of us feel more confident making our money work. Produced by Josh de la Mare and Persis Love. The sound engineer is Breen Turner and the editor is Aimee Keane. Music by Metaphor Music.</p>


Title Date published
What you need to know before hiring a nanny 2019-12-12
The general election and your finances, the gender pensions gap and our love/hate relationship with cash 2019-12-05
What happens to our digital assets and online accounts when we die? 2019-11-28
Investment trusts: family trusts, dividend heroes and compared to other investments 2019-11-22
How to find a financial adviser, general election planning for your finances and the rise of the 40 year mortgage 2019-11-14
Election planning for your finances, digital tax returns and balancing your budget 2019-11-07
How much do you need to retire on? The answer is more than you think 2019-10-31
How to set up your own investment club  2019-10-24
Are you facing losses from the closure of the Woodford equity income fund? 2019-10-17
You probably have a pension - but have you got a retirement plan? 2019-10-10
Students: top tips on how to budget at university 2019-10-03
Would you lend your parents money? 2019-09-26
Escape the motherhood penalty, teenage investors and 'best buy' investment lists 2019-09-19
Financial Room 101 - what would you most like to banish? 2019-09-12
Do you have a joint bank account with your partner? 2019-09-05
Could you profit from a last minute PPI claim? 2019-08-16
Investing for the under 40s - the pros and cons of the Lifetime Isa 2019-08-08
Your money under a Boris government 2019-08-01
How to enjoy your retirement, and top tips for getting the best deal on your holiday money 2019-07-25
Inheritance tax rules, confusion over freelance tax payments and investing in fine wines 2019-07-18

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