<p>The pandemic has forced everyone to reexamine their finances, whether it’s dealing with a pay cut, how to best use cash from staying home, managing the ups and downs of investment markets or using this time to make a career change. Whatever the question, Financial Times consumer editor Claer Barrett knows where to find the right tips for your money. Every week, Claer talks to a listener about their money queries and consults her rolodex of financial advisors, planners and writers for no-nonsense and informed guidance that will help all of us feel more confident making our money work. Produced by Josh de la Mare and Persis Love. The sound engineer is Breen Turner and the editor is Aimee Keane. Music by Metaphor Music.</p>


Title Date published
Emerging markets, tax avoiders and owning property 2018-09-27
Is property still a good investment? 2018-09-20
Free perks with your bank account, fixed rate mortgages and tech stocks 2018-09-13
Electric cars, investing in Fundsmith, and the growing problem debt in the UK 2018-09-06
EIS investments, rising debt problems and Child Trust Funds 2018-08-30
Investing in English wine, problems with the pensions dashboard, and cycling your way to a tax break 2018-08-23
Fraud - how can you avoid becoming the next victim? 2018-08-16
What would a no-deal Brexit mean for your money? 2018-08-09
The maths of Love Island 2018-08-02
Leasehold property, currency traps and a special subscriber offer for podcast listeners 2018-07-26
Train delays and commuter chaos: what are your rights? 2018-07-19
Questions to ask before you retire - do you and your partner want the same things? 2018-07-13
Money saving tips, starting a supper club and the trauma of expenses claims 2018-07-05
Online gambling, more tax quirks and property peer-to-peer lending 2018-06-28
Myths about divorce, investment trusts and the FT's Thrift Off experiment 2018-06-21
Investing in Bitcoin, financial fitness and wealth managers 2018-06-14
Selling property, talking about money and booking holidays online 2018-06-07
The Millennial smartphone saving revolution 2018-05-31
Making partner in your firm, cashing in final salary pensions and investing in oil 2018-05-24
National Numeracy, gas bills and some free money 2018-05-17

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