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Title Date published
Women prisoners in 19th-century Ireland 2021-04-10
Stalin: the real victor of WW2 2021-04-09
Sending the first man into space 2021-04-07
Unravelling the Bayeux Tapestry ep4: What’s missing? 2021-04-06
The feminist who waged war on smallpox 2021-04-05
The Great Fire of London: everything you wanted to know 2021-04-04
Cleopatra: unpicking myth from reality 2021-04-03
Traffickers on trial: the sensational case of Lydia Harvey 2021-04-02
Bog bodies: what can they teach us? 2021-03-31
Unravelling the Bayeux Tapestry ep3: What story does the Tapestry tell? 2021-03-30
500 years of women’s self-portraits 2021-03-29
The Byzantine empire: everything you wanted to know 2021-03-28
Ammonite & the real fossil hunter Mary Anning 2021-03-27
Tales of Irish emigration 2021-03-26
The mystery of the vanishing lighthouse keepers 2021-03-24
Unravelling the Bayeux Tapestry ep2: How was the Tapestry created? 2021-03-23
Hate mail & mutilated horses: Conan Doyle investigates 2021-03-22
The Elizabethans: everything you wanted to know 2021-03-21
What happened to the Franklin Expedition? The real mystery behind The Terror 2021-03-20
Cellini: the “supreme scoundrel of the Renaissance” 2021-03-19

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