<p>A look at the history of alchemy and it's influence on science.</p>


Title Date published
Episode 80: Magic Books and Rings 2019-12-19
New Book! Alchemy - A Search for Truth by Jo Herlihy 2019-12-19
Travis Makes Candy (help!) 2019-10-20
Pete and Trav's Podcastnik Year Six! 2019-03-03
Introduction to Alchemy (New YouTube Video) 2018-05-31
Episode 79: Biblical Figures as Alchemists 2017-01-21
Episode 78: Year 4 of Alchemy 2017-01-14
Episode 77: Sir Francis Bacon 2016-11-20
Episode 76: Abufalah, Soul Dust, and making a Basilisk 2016-02-27
Episode 75: Robert Olsen and I Meet Again 2016-02-09
Episode 74: Andreas Libavius 2016-01-19
Inside the Secret Cabinet Podcast with der Buddler 2015-08-29
The Illusion: Alchemy Reborn Through the Occult Revival 2015-08-15
Episode 71: Interview with Tim Wilkerson, Author of Alchemy Astrology Handbook 2015-08-12
Episode 70: Distillation in Alchemy 2015-08-04
Renaissance Occult: Pico della Mirandola 2015-07-20
Laszlo from the China History Podcast chats over Tea 2015-06-14
Phlogiston: Johann Joachim Becher 2015-05-28
History in 5 Minutes Podcast Alchemy Interviews: Isaac Newton, al-Ghazali, Ge Hung 2015-05-24
Bohemican YouTube Channel: Prague Alchemy I & II 2015-05-07

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