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Title Date published
Charles Plowden: "It is too simplistic to say Baillie Gifford stocks are expensive - we don't think they are" 2021-04-30
Alpha podcast: An ill wind 2021-04-26
Ailsa Craig: “pharma used to have a worse reputation than tobacco” 2021-04-20
Alpha Podcast: Top of the shops 2021-04-16
Not your normal finance show: The Amazon effect 2021-03-25
Alpha Podcast: Trolls and tonic 2021-03-22
Alpha Podcast: Food for thought 2021-03-12
Not your normal finance show: Streaming wars 2021-03-03
Baruch Lev: “Financial reports are irrelevant” 2021-02-26
Not your normal finance show: Fast cars and faster businesses 2021-02-24
Alpha Podcast: Down but not out 2021-02-19
Chocoholoics! 2021-02-17
Screen test 2021-02-12
Vilhelm German: Bitcoin - "The big players, without making too much noise, are preparing their guns" 2021-02-10
Not Your Normal Finance Show: Crypto crazy 2021-02-10
Dale Nicholls: “There’s still a lot of value in China” 2021-02-05
Alpha Podcast: Bubble trouble 2021-01-29
Keeping healthy 2021-01-27
Alpha Podcast: Staying Positive 2021-01-22
Trumped by Twitter 2021-01-20

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