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Title Date published
Alpha podcast: Lockdown winners 2021-01-15
Graham Harrison: 'Chasing after returns is always going to have some risk" 2021-01-05
James Anderson: “Tesla’s rise is a symbol of a revolution in energy” 2020-12-30
Jeremy Grantham: “We have to run as if our lives depend on it” 2020-12-24
Randy Smallwood: I don’t think we’re anywhere near the highs of gold and silver 2020-12-21
The Alpha Podcast: Tech, takeovers and the trouble with momentum 2020-12-18
Not your normal finance show: Covid-Christmas! 2020-12-16
Jim Rogers: "I'd rather be here than there" 2020-12-14
The Alpha Podcast: Behind the balance sheet 2020-12-11
Not your normal finance show: V-Day 2020-12-09
Keith Ashworth-Lord: “Don’t bet against the UK" 2020-12-07
Alpha Podcast: Quality control 2020-12-04
Dr Bronwyn King: “With tobacco, engagement is futile” 2020-12-03
Not your normal finance show: The magic of gaming 2020-12-02
Alpha Podcast: Battered Britain 2020-11-27
Not your normal finance show: DIY-ing to get back to normality 2020-11-25
Robin Parbrook: “So much of what I see in our industry in the name of ESG is just greenwashing” 2020-11-23
The Alpha Podcast: Sticking with quality shares 2020-11-20
Not your normal finance show: Football without fans 2020-11-18
Nick Hubble: Poor financial literacy has allowed the financial industry “run riot over its customers” 2020-11-16

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