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Title Date published
Not your normal finance show: Always working 2020-09-30
The Alpha Podcast: Travel crunch 2020-09-25
Staying put 2020-09-23
Mike Riddell: “Inflation is the enemy for all financial asset classes” 2020-09-21
The Alpha Podcast: What next for Next and the housebuilders? 2020-09-18
Beer is best 2020-09-16
John Kay: “I’m coming to the conclusion that the public equity markets as we know them are a 20th century phenomenon” 2020-09-14
IC Alpha Podcast: Diamonds in the rough 2020-09-11
John Baron: "Investment trusts are a superior investment option" 2020-09-07
Investment Hour: ESG's dirty secret 2020-09-03
Peter Toogood: "Apparently the only stocks you need to own in the world are the five American FAANG stocks" 2020-09-01
The Investment Hour: Hanging Up 2020-08-27
To PE or not to PE? 2020-08-20
The Investment Hour: The platform paradox 2020-08-13
Walter Price: "The Chinese are a force to be reckoned with in technology" 2020-08-07
The Investment Hour: a new arms race? 2020-08-06
Ben Rogoff: “Artificial intelligence remains the most powerful thing we invest in” 2020-07-31
The Investment Hour: All that glitters… 2020-07-30
Ronald Cohen: The future of socially responsible investing 2020-07-27
Investment Hour: Coronavirus update 2020-07-23

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