<p>Please note that because iTunes limits the number of episodes displayed to 300, to start at the beginning of my retelling of the story of England, you need to SUBSCRIBE. You'll then find a regular, chronological podcast, starting from from the end of Roman Britain. I’m a bloke in a shed, but I make sure this is good, properly prepared history, and then fill it with my enthusiasm. You’ll find the great events and people for sure – but also some of the byways, of how people lived, their language, and the forces that shaped their lives and destinies. </p>


Title Date published
298 A Curate's Egg 2020-09-20
297 Servant of Crime 2020-09-06
296 Rising of the North 2020-08-23
295 Marvellous Good order 2020-08-09
294 Alarms and Excursions 2020-07-26
293 Sex and Marriage 2020-07-07
292 The Queens Marriage 2020-06-28
291 Queen and Court 2020-06-14
290 The Religious Settlement 2020-06-01
289 Elizabeth Regina 2020-05-11
288 Elizabeth I and the Historians 2020-04-26
287 Enter Good Queen Bess 2020-04-12
286 Sex and the Reformation of Manners 2019-12-29
285 Reformation of Manners 2019-12-15
284 Popular Culture in the Ritual Year 2019-10-20
283 Little Commonwealth 2019-10-13
282 Parish and Protest 2019-10-06
281 Winners and Losers 2019-09-22
280 The Land was Never So Full 2019-09-08
279 Who Wished All for the Best 2019-08-25

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