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Title Date published
17 Cnut the Conqueror 2011-04-28
16 Edmund Ironside and Cnut 2011-04-22
15 Aethelred, Svein Forkbeard and years of misery 2011-04-09
14 Aetheled the Unready and the Rising Tide 2011-03-27
13 Another and last Golden Age 2011-03-15
12 The last King in Jorvik 2011-03-12
11 His Years were full of Glory 2011-01-22
10 English Conquest 2011-01-21
9 Pillar of the Western People 2011-01-20
8 Reconstruction and defence 2011-01-19
7 Alfred the Great and the fight for survival 2011-01-18
6 The Great Heathen Army 2011-01-17
5 The Noble Wolf 2011-01-16
5a Pirates from the North 2011-01-15
4 Greater Wessex 2011-01-14
3 The Mercian Supremacy 2011-01-13
2: The Rise of Mercia 2011-01-12
1.8 Revival 2011-01-11
1.7 Conversion 2011-01-10
1.6 The Life and Times of Penda II 2011-01-09

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