A weekly look at the weapons systems and tactics that both endanger the world and keep it safe.


Title Date published
Iran’s Red State Revolt 2018-02-19
On the Frontlines of Turkey’s Invasion of Syria 2018-02-12
The Most Important Middle Eastern Country You’ve Never Heard Of 2018-02-06
How Modern China Got That Way 2018-01-29
DARPA Is the Disney of the Defense Department 2018-01-22
Prestige Weapons Systems are Busting the Pentagon’s Budget 2018-01-16
Will the B-21 Bomber Break the Mold, or the Budget? 2018-01-08
The Military Reality Behind Star Wars 2018-01-02
ICYMI: This Is How Republic's Fall 2017-12-26
Optimism in America’s Forever War 2017-12-18
Social Media Has Changed War Forever 2017-12-12
How a Medieval Battle Invented English Pride and Made the Longbow a Legend 2017-12-05
ICYMI: Talking About Russian Propaganda in 2015 2017-11-27
America’s Secret Nuclear Upgrades 2017-11-20
A Deadly Warrior’s Peaceful Homecoming 2017-11-13
The Apocalyptic Religion of Stalin’s Russia 2017-11-06
Congress No Longer Sends America to War 2017-10-30
How the Kurds Defeated ISIS and Lost a Nation In the Same Week 2017-10-23
Death Math: Here’s How Many People Would Die in a Nuclear War 2017-10-16
How the Military Is (quietly) Defying Trump by Battling Climate Change 2017-10-09

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