A weekly look at the weapons systems and tactics that both endanger the world and keep it safe.


Title Date published
Catching Up With Killer Robots 2018-05-22
Everything We Know About Fifth Generation Fighters 2018-05-16
North Korea’s Long Game 2018-05-08
What Star Wars Can Teach the American Military 2018-05-01
The Life of a Special Operations Physician Assistant 2018-04-24
Is NASA Lost in Space? 2018-04-17
How Germany Kicked France’s Ass So Fast in World War II 2018-04-09
ICYMI: How the West Has Aided Democracy’s Decline 2018-04-04
The Return of Nuclear Anxiety 2018-03-26
Surprise! It’s President Putin All Over Again 2018-03-17
Inside the Occult Neo-Nazis Killing People in America 2018-03-12
The Double Agent Who Busted a Russian Spy at Hooters 2018-03-05
ICYMI: What's the Point of Nuclear Weapons? 2018-02-27
Iran’s Red State Revolt 2018-02-19
On the Frontlines of Turkey’s Invasion of Syria 2018-02-12
The Most Important Middle Eastern Country You’ve Never Heard Of 2018-02-06
How Modern China Got That Way 2018-01-29
DARPA Is the Disney of the Defense Department 2018-01-22
Prestige Weapons Systems are Busting the Pentagon’s Budget 2018-01-16
Will the B-21 Bomber Break the Mold, or the Budget? 2018-01-08

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