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Title Date published
Does Social Media Make Us Depressed? (with Kati Morton) 2019-07-01
Be Your Own Advocate! 2019-06-24
Treat Your Chronic Pain Naturally (with Dr. Josh Axe) 2019-06-17
Breakdown Breakthrough 2019-06-10
Healing Your Thyroid Naturally (with Dr. Josh Axe) 2019-06-03
Is Time Restricted Eating the Key to Weight Loss? (with Jorge Cruise) 2019-05-27
The Dating Game 2019-05-20
Life After Suicide (with Dr. Jennifer Ashton) 2019-05-13
Just Do It! 2019-05-06
Avoiding Financial Abuse (with Suze Orman) 2019-04-29
Relationship Dos and Don'ts 2019-04-22
Chasing Life (with Dr. Sanjay Gupta) 2019-04-15
I Showed Up, Where’s My Medal? 2019-04-08
Break Ups & Breakthroughs 2019-04-01
Too Famous, Too Much 2019-03-25
Your Money, Your Life 2019-03-18
Relationships: Regret or Relief? 2019-03-11
Why Am I So Damn Hungry? 2019-03-04
Freak in the Sheets? 2019-02-25
The Power of Genetics 2019-02-18

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