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Title Date published
Old beliefs 2015-01-20
Fitting Your Fit Locale 2015-01-12
How's your productivity? 2015-01-05
Pregnancy with Andrea Orbeck 2014-12-30
Holiday Sanity 2014-12-22
200th Anniversary Show 2014-12-15
Jill Finds the Zen 2014-12-08
Fit Shaming 2014-12-01
Don't Be A Dick 2014-11-24
That Jump Won't Kill You 2014-11-17
What really is beyond? 2014-11-10
Being Misinterpreted 2014-11-03
I care...really! 2014-10-27
Getting Your Claws Out 2014-10-20
Need to Know Ebola 2014-10-13
Surviving the Dark Side 2014-10-06
Jillian's Journey 2014-09-30
Dr. V talks Thyroid 2014-09-22
Jillian gets chickens 2014-09-15
Say my Name 2014-09-08

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