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Title Date published
Reinventing yourself 2014-07-07
Jillian has some news 2014-06-30
Jillian's Health Scare 2014-06-23
What do I want? 2014-06-18
Slut Shaming. 2014-06-10
Jillian & The Sushi Chef 2014-06-03
Compromise No More 2014-05-28
Jillian Conquers the Pistol Squat 2014-05-19
Self fulfilling prophecy 2014-05-12
Action without information 2014-05-05
Seeing the signs 2014-04-28
The Love Doctor 2014-04-21
Turning things around 2014-04-14
Expectations on kids 2014-04-07
Hoarding Hell 2014-03-31
On The Road 2014-03-24
Setbacks 2014-03-17
Take it to the next level 2014-03-10
Haters are gonna hate 2014-03-03
Work your way out of that corner 2014-02-24

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