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Title Date published
Jillian's New Years Resolution 2013-02-04
What we are not seeing on The Biggest Loser 2013-01-28
Dealing with snotty nose season 2013-01-21
We're 100! 2013-01-14
Stop waiting to live your life 2013-01-07
The Biggest Loser debut 2012-12-28
Are you the enabler? 2012-12-26
Holiday Survival Mode 2012-12-15
Accepting that our bodies-are-a-changin' 2012-12-08
Getting to know Jillian's 80/20 Rule 2012-12-01
Denying that anger exists in your life 2012-11-24
Holding yourself back by playing out your old story 2012-11-17
Making failures work 2012-11-10
Taking a good look around you 2012-11-03
Jillian's Halloween Tricks and Treats 2012-10-20
Jillian's personal health kick 2012-10-13
Jillian and The Biggest Loser 2012-10-06
Why can't people just lighten up? 2012-09-29
Will our own fears ruin things for our kids? 2012-09-22
Making final plans 2012-09-15

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