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Title Date published
You just gotta have a little faith in your life 2012-04-14
What do you do when you never feel satisfied about your accomplishments? 2012-04-07
Together again! 2012-03-31
What do you do when everything just seems out of your control? 2012-03-24
The concept of forgiveness 2012-03-17
Get out of yourself and take notice of others. 2012-03-10
Negating Ourselves & the Spirituality of Food 2012-03-03
Mom Empathy & Machine Throw-Down 2012-02-25
Fear of Others & Workout Buddies 2012-02-22
Titanium Butts & Fad Diets 2012-02-15
New Connections & Body Revolution 2012-02-08
Healthy Money 2012-01-27
Be the Change & Ways to Eat Less 2012-01-20
Acceptance & Staying Motivated 2012-01-13
Pregnancy Top 7 & All About Spinning 2012-01-06
Being Overwhelmed in the Moment & The Detox Debate 2011-12-30
Managing Fear & Achieving Better Workouts 2011-12-23
Defining Goals and Dr. V's Top 7 2011-12-16
Holiday Control & Firing Your Doctor 2011-12-09
Excuses, Lunchtime & Zig Zaggin 2011-12-02

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