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Title Date published
Take To The Gym Basics & The Jumpstart Concept 2011-11-25
Cynicism, Cyberbullying & Milk 2011-11-18
Supplements, Target Areas & Libidos 2011-11-11
Navigenics & Myrtle Potter 2011-11-04
Pregnancy Fitness & The Need For Accomplishment 2011-10-30
Internal Dialogue & Boomer Fitness 2011-10-21
Circuit Training, Winter Workouts & Dr. V 2011-10-14
Can I afford to go Organic? 2011-10-07
Eating Real Food & Can You Change Your Family? 2011-09-30
Overweight to Pay? Plus Dr. V's Top 7 2011-09-23
Swaps & Fitness for Person with Disabilities 2011-09-16
Detoxifying Our Lives & Food Cannot Be A Reward 2011-09-09
Unhealthy Kids & Living in the Middle 2011-09-02
Going For It & All Those Blocks We Put In Our Way 2011-08-26
Never Fear Protein & Knowing CPR 2011-08-12
Self Help that Harms & Sugar 2011-08-05
Wasting Food & Myrtle Potter Fitness 2011-07-29
Fitness & All About Milk 2011-07-22
USO Fitness Tour & Dr. V and Our Bones 2011-07-15
Loving Your Home & All About Fear 2011-07-08

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