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Title Date published
Stop Snacking Tricks & Arthritis is Hitting us Younger 2011-07-01
Recovery after workouts & Myrtle Potter 2011-06-24
All About Faith & Dr. V's Top 7 2011-06-17
Our perception of food & Rogue Pharmacies 2011-06-10
Do it Yourself Medical Scans & Fat Loss 2011-06-03
Jillian talks salt... 2011-05-20
All about 'UNLIMITED' and food Doc Mark Izzo 2011-05-13
Debunking The Plateau and Myrtle Potter 2011-05-06
Not so great workout trends & Maria Rodale 2011-04-29
Jillian and Bob on the radio! 2011-04-22
Hello super bugs and Dr. V's Top 7 2011-04-15
Fat is not the enemy and green beauty 2011-04-08
Save money big time & going beyond the physical 2011-04-01
Motivating the ones we love & the dirt on GMO's 2011-03-25
It's Dr. V and one of her top 7's 2011-03-18
Going Vegan and Fast Workouts 2011-03-11
Jillian and Dr. V 2011-03-07
Yes, you're getting older! Plus Big Boy Muscles! 2011-02-25
Jillian & General Mills 2011-02-15
We're Back! 2011-02-02

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