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Title Date published
The Field: The Shy Biden Voters Among Florida’s Seniors 2020-10-30
The Field: The Specter of Political Violence 2020-10-29
A Partisan Future for Local News? 2020-10-28
The Shadow of the 2000 Election 2020-10-27
The Field: Why Suburban Women Changed Their Minds 2020-10-26
The Sunday Read: 'My Mustache, My Self' 2020-10-25
Sudden Civility: The Final Presidential Debate 2020-10-23
A Peculiar Way to Pick a President 2020-10-22
A Misinformation Test for Social Media 2020-10-21
A Pivotal Senate Race in North Carolina 2020-10-20
The Field: A Divided Latino Vote in Arizona 2020-10-19
The Sunday Read: 'Jim Dwyer, About New York' 2020-10-18
The Candidates: Joe Biden’s Plans 2020-10-16
The Candidates: Donald Trump’s Promises 2020-10-15
The Confirmation Hearing of Amy Coney Barrett 2020-10-14
The Politics of Pandemic Relief 2020-10-13
Why the Left Is Losing on Abortion 2020-10-12
The Sunday Read: 'David's Ankles' 2020-10-11
The Field: The Battle for Pennsylvania’s White Working Class 2020-10-09
Plexiglass and Civility: The Vice-Presidential Debate 2020-10-08

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