Have you ever been asked to be the token "sports-ball" expert for your pub trivia team? Can you remember names like Wally Backman, Esa Tikkanen, Manute Bol and Kurt Rambis? Join Brent and Erin each week as we challenge a pair of contestants to a mano-a-mano battle for sports trivia supremacy on The Sports Trivia Face-Off!!


Title Date published
The Wandering Habits of Armadillos 2019-09-16
NFL Week 1 Special 2019-09-09
Your Knowledge of Belgian Titans 2019-09-02
It's Episode 69, Y'all!!! 2019-08-26
Poutine MacSorry 2019-08-19
We're Off This Week! 2019-08-12
It's just Lendl Lendl-ing 2019-08-05
The Bubble of Hedging 2019-07-29
Pikachu Thunderdome 2019-07-22
Brent Really Screwed Up 2019-07-15
Five Sports Questions About the Crusades 2019-07-08
What's a hockey? 2019-06-30
You're Looking for a Stupid Racist Moron 2019-06-24
Those are Fightin' Clicks! 2019-06-17
She Was a Koala, He Was a Tree 2019-06-10
The Legend of Brett Garcia 2019-06-03
A 7-Foot Inflatable of Rasheed Wallace 2019-05-27
Mixing Drinks and Rodents 2019-05-20
If John Cena Played Jarts... 2019-05-13
Feed That Beast! 2019-05-06

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