Have you ever been asked to be the token "sports-ball" expert for your pub trivia team? Can you remember names like Wally Backman, Esa Tikkanen, Manute Bol, and Kurt Rambis? Join us each week as we challenge a pair of contestants to a mano-a-mano battle for sports trivia supremacy on The Sports Trivia Face-Off!!


Title Date published
Closing Time... 2020-04-06
STFO Invitational Tournament Final 2020-04-06
STFO Invitational Tournament Second Semifinal 2020-04-02
STFO Invitational Tournament First Semifinal 2020-03-30
STFO Invitational Tournament Fourth Quarterfinal 2020-03-26
STFO Invitational Tournament Third Quarterfinal 2020-03-23
STFO Invitational Tournament Second Quarterfinal 2020-03-19
STFO Invitational Tournament First Quarterfinal 2020-03-16
Watching Golf on Fast Forward 2020-02-24
The Cocaine Episode 2020-02-17
Ed Hochuli's Slam Poetry 2020-02-10
This Man's Rotting Husk 2020-02-03
We've Gone from Dicks to F-Words 2020-01-27
Turns out it Feels Good to Know Stuff 2020-01-20
A Herd of Cats 2020-01-13
Brent Screws Up Again 2020-01-06
OHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2019-12-30
Jay Cutler Leads the League in Memes 2019-12-23
sports.butts.horse 2019-12-16
Mark Eaton Will Haunt Me Forever 2019-12-09

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