Have you ever been asked to be the token "sports-ball" expert for your pub trivia team? Can you remember names like Wally Backman, Esa Tikkanen, Manute Bol and Kurt Rambis? Join Brent and Erin each week as we challenge a pair of contestants to a mano-a-mano battle for sports trivia supremacy on The Sports Trivia Face-Off!!


Title Date published
Episode 31: A Hate Crime Against Pats 2018-11-12
Episode 30 - The Sports Trivia Tip-Off 2018-11-06
Episode 29: The Same Boat of Sadness 2018-10-29
Episode 28: Sacks of Peppers 2018-10-22
Episode 27: The Magnificant Bastards Ride Again! 2018-10-15
Episode 26: I Knew Elvis Was In There Somewhere 2018-10-08
Episode 25: The NHL Opening Day Special 2018-09-30
We have issues?!? 2018-09-24
Episode 24: The Seabiscuit Autobiography 2018-09-17
Episode 23: Phil Calls His Shot 2018-09-10
Episode 22: The Bad Joke Redemption 2018-09-03
Episode 21: The Wrath of Grapes 2018-08-27
Episode 20: Brent Bollmeier's Day Off 2018-08-20
Episode 19: The Feeling of Batting .181 2018-08-13
Episode 18: Dedicated to Enos "Stan" Kroenke 2018-08-06
Episode 17: We're Not Angry, Brent. We're Just Disappointed... 2018-07-30
Episode 16: If I had no bad luck... 2018-07-23
Episode 15: What's the Category, Mike? 2018-07-16
Patreon Subscriber Sample: Episode 10 Outtakes 2018-07-09
Episode 14: Do You Believe In Miracles? 2018-07-02

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