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Title Date published
Episode #206 - Stamp Exhibiting 2019-02-20
Episode #205 - The Spanish American War of 1898 and New Issues 2019-02-13
Episode #204 - Photographs and Scanning pictures for eBay to maximize sales 2019-02-07
Episode #203 - We discuss WINE STAMPS but we are all over the place today - Enjoy 2019-01-31
Episode #202 - How to TITLE something on eBay - eBay help. 2019-01-24
episode #201 - The Stamp Market. From the Orcoexpo Stamp Show 2019-01-17
Episode #200 - Stamp Auctions. We also discuss the stamp issue of 1869. 2019-01-10
NOT Officially Episode #200 yet - We are out of the office till after January 2nd - But enjoy RELICS OF HISTORY 2018-12-26
Episode #199 - Chicagopex Recap and Discussion and Stamp Giveway 2018-12-07
PREVIEW EDITION #2 - Relics of History 2018-11-15
PREVIEW EDITION - Check Out Relics of History at 2018-11-15
NOT Episode #199 - Everyone is at ChicagoPex so here is a short one on Stamp Colors 2018-11-15
Episode #198 - Lincoln and Davis Elections, and Online Companies Using the Postal System 2018-11-09
Episode #197 - The Colombian Exposition, H. H. Holmes, USPS Supreme Court Patent Case, and Colombian Stamp Issue 2018-11-04
Episode #196 - First person over Niagara Falls in a Barrel, U.S. leaving the UPU, and Pan-American Exposition 2018-10-30
SSHT Short - The History of Madagascar from the SESCAL Stamp Show 2018-10-29
Episode #195 - Chuck Yeager, Largest USPS Internal Stamp Theft, and the Yehudi Menuhin Award 2018-10-19
Episode #194 - National stamp collecting month, Post office break-in, early zip code adoption and special interests 2018-10-14
Episode #193 - Special Delivery, Royal Mail's stock drop, and Patent Cancels 2018-10-05
Episode #192 - Gold Star Mothers, Canada Posts E-Commerce Award Winners and Self Adhesive Stamps 2018-09-29

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