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#171. Today we are discussing our favorite stamps. Also eBay picture size issues and picking a good picture editor. 2018-05-03
#170 Today it is all about UV Lights and Puffins. Confused? Listen up then. 2018-04-24
#169. Today we are discussing Bisects but also the world’s largest stamp and some of the smallest ones also 2018-04-18
#168 - Today we go to the other side and discuss Warren Buffett and his brief journey into stamp collecting/investing. 2018-04-11
#167 - The Bill Gross sale of US stamps and Mister Zip..... Enjoy or Mister Zip will come to get you! 2018-04-02
#166 - News stories you may have missed in Stamp Collecting 2018-03-28
#165 - The elusive 2 cent Jefferson Silkote paper stamp 2018-03-20
#164. With all the discussion on real estate we have to ask…. Can we tie this to stamp collecting? The answer is obviously YES. 2018-03-14
#163. Today we discuss the famous Americans set of stamps from 1940 2018-03-07
#162. The stamps of World War 1. 2018-02-28
#161. We just got back from ARIPEX and discuss this great show. 2018-02-22
#160. Today we discuss the Winter Olympics stamps. Also, its valentine's day so... Love stamps. Enjoy 2018-02-15
#159. We discuss Rafters of Turkeys and the US Specialty Precision Multi-Gauge 2018-02-08
#158. Today we discuss Joint Issues. Your Knees, back, toes – it’s all about your health. 2018-02-01
#157. Today we are looking at the Linn’s Stamp Poll. 2018-01-25
#156. Today we discuss the Scott's Catalog - which every collector needs. 2018-01-20
#155. I know this may sound odd but in this episode I discuss all the episodes you won’t be hearing. 2018-01-15
#154 - Star Wars Stamps - also a continuation of last weeks discussion on Cancel Collecting 2018-01-05
#153. Cancellation - to the horror of many, we are not canceled - We discuss Cancels. 2017-12-28
#152 – Our Christmas Extravaganza. We have a lot of extravaganzas, don’t we? 2017-12-21

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