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Title Date published
#157. Today we are looking at the Linn’s Stamp Poll. 2018-01-25
#156. Today we discuss the Scott's Catalog - which every collector needs. 2018-01-20
#155. I know this may sound odd but in this episode I discuss all the episodes you won’t be hearing. 2018-01-15
#154 - Star Wars Stamps - also a continuation of last weeks discussion on Cancel Collecting 2018-01-05
#153. Cancellation - to the horror of many, we are not canceled - We discuss Cancels. 2017-12-28
#152 – Our Christmas Extravaganza. We have a lot of extravaganzas, don’t we? 2017-12-21
#151 - National Parks - Not the Farly Issue but other stamps that you may not know about. 2017-12-07
#150 - You want stamp facts? We got stamp facts! 2017-11-30
#149 - Rebroadcast - Our Interview with Chad Snee.- Happy Thanksgiving 2017-11-24
#148 - Life got us pretty hard - A rebroadcast of our Bass Reeves episode 2017-11-18
#147 - Chicagopex is coming on November 17th - Not going is its own punishment 2017-11-10
#146 - The (not very) Bloody revolution of the Isle of SARK, fake stamps and a wish list for Stamp Shows 2017-11-01
#145 - The different types of collectors and the different interests of collecting stamps. 2017-10-24
#144 - RELICS of History at SESCAL stamp show - GO TO FACEBOOK TO SEE THESE ITEMS! Wow! 2017-10-20
#143 - Sell your own damn stamp collection - or - HOW I SOLD MY STAMPS AT A STAMP SHOW 2017-10-11
#142 Comic Book Collecting and Stamps including the market, signatures and Star Wars 2017-10-05
Episode #141. This week we are celebrating the TV Game Show Jeopardy 2017-09-28
#140 The stamps and history of the Belgian Congo, Katanga and one of the largest DB's in history 2017-09-21
#139 - WASPs - Not the Bug but the Women’s Army Aircorp Pilots. Also Jaqueline Cochran and her stamp 2017-09-14
#138 - Video Games... On stamps (topical) and the stamp market verses video games (the battle for young collectors) 2017-09-07

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