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Title Date published
Episode #108 - From Orcoexpo with Toms cute daughter Alene and her Poison Dart Frog stamp - Also some serious talk about C3a reissue and Press Sheets 2017-01-18
Episode 107 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Stamp and How to put on a stamp show 2017-01-10
Episode #106 Madam CJ Walker, Holland and what magnifiing glass to use........ It is better than it sounds. 2017-01-04
Episode #105 - Our Christmas Episode. We celebrate with George W. Holschauer - Chickens at the end!!!!! 2016-12-20
Episode #104 - Zeppelin stamps 2016-12-14
Episode #103 - The 21st ammendment, the repeal of Prohibition and also Kelleher Auctions with David Coogle 2016-12-07
Episode #102 - Albert Einstein, John Marshall and a special guests - Andy Kupersmit and Cristoph Gartner 2016-11-30
Episode #101 - the CHICAGOPEX EXTRAVAGANZA SHOW - with Charles Epting, Dana Guyer, Don Tocher, Mark Easter and many more 2016-11-23
Episode #100 - Champagne and the Gettysburg Address. Also Filatelic Fiesta 2016-11-16
Episode #99 with George Holschauer speaking about Zululand Stamps 2016-11-09
Episode #98 - Stamp Collecting Equipment and the story of "Colonies". 2016-11-02
Episode 97 - Our terrifying Halloween episode 2016-10-26
Episode 96 - The Million Dollar Duck 2016-10-19
Episode 95 - The US Customs - Paying for your Mexican Taquila with stamps. 2016-10-12
Episode 94 - Mad Magazine Parody stamps of 1964 2016-10-05
Episode 93 - The SESCAL STAMP SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA 2016-09-28
Episode 92 - First Bulk Mail Campaign 2016-09-21
Episode #91 - PORN!! Well actually it is about the Comstock law and the censorship of the mails but PORN sounds better. 2016-09-14
Episode #90 - What is RARE and what is SCARCE 2016-09-09
Episode #89 - We received a letter about Pokemon Go and also Topical Stamp Collecting 2016-08-31

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