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Title Date published
#123 The 2017 COMPEX Stamp Show and the Pan American Exposition of 1901 2017-05-11
#122 LIVE FROM WESTPEX (actually recorded but...) We ask dealers "HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY IN STAMP COLLECTING?" 2017-05-04
#121 - We are at the Anaheim Stamp Show asking dealers "HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY WITH STAMP COLLECTING" 2017-04-25
#120 Want to know where the collectors of tomorrow are going to come from? lets discuss Magic 2017-04-18
#119 Guest of the show Scott English, APS Executive Director discusses Stamp Collecting and the McCoy C3a 2017-04-13
Episode 118 - Stamp Collecting is the Food of Life - Mexican Food and Jack Fruit 2017-04-05
Episode #117. The worst podcast ever, Seriously just watch a rerun of I LOVE LUCY and avoid this dog. 2017-03-30
Episode #116 - 100 years ago the Tzar abdicated and Stamp Money 2017-03-22
Episode #115 - Bass Reeves - The law man deserves to be on a stamp. Is the Post Office listening? 2017-03-15
Episode #114 1/2 - Engineer Tom is gone and we dont know how to run the board. 2017-03-08
Episode #114 - 72 years since Iwo Jima and the Stamp that shows the flag raising on Mount Suribachi 2017-02-28
Episode 113 - Aripex 2017 including Ken Martin of the APS and others 2017-02-21
Episode 112 - German Stamps and Little House on the Prarie - Also last weeks epic battle with Pearls? 2017-02-14
Episode 111 - Fancy Cancels and the Cod wars - also EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN CANADA and THE USA 2017-02-08
Episode 110 - Bessie Coleman, Lady Pilot and Liver Eater Johnston, Fur Trapper. Also Printers waste and Errors on stamps 2017-01-31
Episode 109. Richard Lehmann discusses stamp investing and a new valuation site. Also Fairy Tales on stamps and Trading (Disney pins). 2017-01-25
Episode #108 - From Orcoexpo with Toms cute daughter Alene and her Poison Dart Frog stamp - Also some serious talk about C3a reissue and Press Sheets 2017-01-18
Episode 107 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Stamp and How to put on a stamp show 2017-01-10
Episode #106 Madam CJ Walker, Holland and what magnifiing glass to use........ It is better than it sounds. 2017-01-04
Episode #105 - Our Christmas Episode. We celebrate with George W. Holschauer - Chickens at the end!!!!! 2016-12-20

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