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Title Date published
Episode 88 - We talk all about quality and stamp grading. A special guest speaker, Ray Lieberman, says it is saving stamp collecting. 2016-08-24
Episode 87 - We are back from the Portland APS Stamp Collecting Show and have a lot to talk about. 2016-08-17
Episode 86 - Stamp Talk, Lots and lots of, well, talking. We do have a new intro that is pretty cool. 2016-08-10
Episode 85 - Icecream and Parcel Post - ALSO - Next week we will be at the APS show in Portland so NO PODCAST :( 2016-07-29
Epidose 84 - Alexander Hamilton - His life, His times and his stamps - but mostly his stamps as we are all stamp collecting 2016-07-20
Episode 83 - NEGOTIATING SKILLS - Not just for stamp collecting but for Disney Pins, Magic Cards, Automobiles like on PAWN STARS 2016-07-13
Episode 82 - Patent Medicine, The early Snake Oil, Cocaine, Meth and the advertising as well as the stamps - for both historians and stamp collecting 2016-07-06
Episode 81 - Ebay shipping with helpful hints and what NOT to do as well as DEAD LETTER LADIES 2016-06-29
Episode 80 - Selling your stamps to a stamp dealer. Benefits and Pitfalls to stamp collecting 2016-06-22
Episode 79 - Weird and Wacko Stamp Collecting Facts and a visit to the floor of NY Stamp Show 2016 2016-06-17
Episode 78 - Blue Paper, Women in the Postal Service, and Stamp Collecting 2016-06-08
Episode 77 - World Stamp Ceremonies and Special Guest Richard Lehmann 2016-05-25
Episode 76 - Best Stamps of 2015 and Special Printings 2016-05-22
Episode 75 - Special Guest Gary Greenberg, Royal Mail Service, and Stampless Mail 2016-05-18
Episode 74 - Duck Stamp controversy and Finest Known Discussion 2016-05-11
Episode 73 - Special Guest Brian Hunt and the Stamp Market 2016-05-09
Episode 72 - Cuba and Stamp Collecting 2016-04-29
Episode 71 - Photographing Your Stamps and Stamp Collecting 2016-04-08
Episode 70 - Gum Conditions, Self Sticks, and Stamp Collecting 2016-03-31
Episode 69 - Wayne Youndblood and Stamp Collecting 2016-03-17

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