<p>The Art of Charm is where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from the company’s coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of Johnny and AJ, the company’s founders. Johnny and AJ bring their 11 years of coaching experience from their famous Bootcamps, where they host clients in Los Angeles from all over the world and they share their stories, best practices and themselves on this weekly podcast. Not only does The Art of Charm help everyday people, including active members of the military, learn how to become higher performers, better spouses, partners, and coworkers, they dig deep into human behavior, the science behind it, and demystify what we do and why we do it.</p>


Title Date published
758: Three Top Tips to Dating 2019-05-13
757: The New Rules to Dating 2019-05-06
756: Vulnerability: A Key to a Successful Relationship | Q&A w/ Jill Coleman 2019-04-29
755: Life Advice: From the Oldest and the Wisest 2019-04-22
754: Why Craving Pain Is Human 2019-04-15
753: Love, Money and Relationships 2019-04-08
752: Essential Tools for Navigating Everyday Uncertainty 2019-04-01
751: Less Stress, More Happiness with David Henzel | Q&A 2019-03-25
750: Overcoming Self-Doubt with Jay Shetty 2019-03-18
749: How to Handle Toxic Relationships 2019-03-11
748: 7 Signs of a Toxic Relationship 2019-03-04
747: Living Boldly with Gia Helena 2019-02-25
746: The Kobe Bryant Episode 2019-02-21
745: Positive Psychology & the Science of Well-Being w/ Rob Mack 2019-02-19
744: Dating Done Right With Evan Marc Katz 2019-02-14
743: Relationship Goals: Love, Friends & Work 2019-02-11
742: The Hidden Power of Relationships 2019-02-04
741: Train Your "Happy" | Q&A w/ Christoph Schnedlitz of hiMoment 2019-01-28
740: How Defined Values Lead to Long-term Happiness | w/ Russ Harris 2019-01-21
739: The Key to Happiness? Quality Relationships 2019-01-14

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