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Title Date published
Debra Danielson: Be fearless. [CTO] [Career Notes] 2021-04-11
Strategic titles point to something more than a commodity campaign. [Research Saturday] 2021-04-10
A new Lazarus backdoor. Malvertising for a bogus Clubhouse app. Cryptojacking the academy. When is a cartel not a cartel? Strategic competition between the US and China. Choking Twitter. 2021-04-09
Cring ransomware hits manufacturing plants. Distance learning difficulties. Hafnium’s patient approach to vulnerable Exchange Servers. The Entity List grows. 5G security standards. 2021-04-08
A Chinese cyberespionage campaign is active against Vietnamese targets. The European Commission acknowledges cyberattacks are under investigation. Data scraping. Bogus apps. Molerats are dudes. 2021-04-07
Watering holes, from Kiev to Canada. File transfer blues. What’s up in the criminal-to-criminal market. And an update on the old Facebook breach. 2021-04-06
An old Facebook database handed over to skids (and it’s a big database). APTs look for vulnerable FortiOS instances. Cryptojacking in GitHub infrastructure. Risk and water utilities. 2021-04-05
Greg Bell: Answer the question of "why?" [Open Source] [Career Notes] 2021-04-04
Ezuri: Regenerating a different kind of target. [Research Saturday] 2021-04-03
Goblin Panda sighting? The attempt on Ubiquiti. More universities feel the effects of the Accellion compromise. National Supply Chain Integrity Awareness Month. Down-market phishing. 2021-04-02
Holiday Bear’s tricks. Phishing for security experts. Industrial cyberespionage. Human error and failure to patch. EO on breach disclosure discussed. Malware found in game cheat codes. 2021-04-01
Cyberespionage and influence operations. Reading the US State Department’s mail. Risk management and strategic complacency. Volumetric attacks. Keeping suspect hardware out. 2021-03-31
US considers how to settle accounts with Holiday Bear. International norms in cyberspace. Ransomware continues to surge against vulnerable Exchange Servers, and other criminal trends. 2021-03-30
Cyberespionage in Germany. Australian network knocked off the air by a cyberattack. PHP shuts backdoor. Apple fixes a browser bug. FatFace pays up. Criminal charges: espionage and fraud. 2021-03-29
Teresa Shea: The challenge of adapting new technologies. [Intelligence] [Career Notes] 2021-03-28
How are we doing in the industrial sector? [Research Saturday] 2021-03-27
Carding Mafia hacked by other criminals. Gangland extortion. Section 230 reform. Director NSA talks about cyber defense, especially foreign attacks staged domestically. Propaganda. Hacktivism. 2021-03-26
Mamba ransomware’s evolution. Facebook acts against Evil Eye. Huawei is invited into OIC-CERT. Slack Connect gets poor security and privacy reviews. An excursus on fleeceware. 2021-03-25
Trends in phishbait. Ransomware exploits vulnerable Exchange Servers. Purple Fox develops worm capabilities. Attacks on industrial production. Third-party risk. What’s on your mind, crooks? 2021-03-24
Bonus Recorded Future Podcast: Correlating the COVID-19 Opportunist Money Trail 2021-03-24

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