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Title Date published
Twitter takes down verified accounts after major hack (most service now restored). Russian influence operations. Cozy Bear’s biomedical intelligence collection. Spearphishing in Hong Kong. 2020-07-16
A 2018 Presidential finding authorized the CIA to conduct a broad range of offensive cyber ops. Data breaches and ransomware incidents. Sloppy VPNs. SEC warns, and China woofs. 2020-07-15
Huawei to be closed out of UK’s 5G infrastructure. Spyware, ransomware, and botnets. The odd case of Data Viper. SAP has a major patch out. 2020-07-14
Presidential authorization for US Cyber Command action. DPRK hacking and internal regime dynamics. TrickBot’s developers. Cybercriminals in the dock. 2020-07-13
Turn challenges into opportunities. 2020-07-12
Are you running what you think you're running? 2020-07-11
The importance of staying up-to-date. Conti ransomware gains as Ryuk fades. Germany warns of Chinese companies’ data collection. Huawei’s fortunes in Canada and UK. Hushpuppi update. 2020-07-10
Coordinated inauthenticity with a domestic bent. Preinstalled malware in discount phones. Evilnum and the Joker continue to evolve. Incidents at FreddieMac and RMC. 2020-07-09
Traditional sabotage at Natanz. CISA’s ICS strategy. DDoSecrets’ server seized by German police at the request of the US. COVID-19-themed phishing infrastructure taken down. Cyberespionage. 2020-07-08
Sabotage, not cyber? Cosmic Lynx pounces on some big companies with BEC. Purple Fox upgrade. Coordinated inauthenticity in the journalistic supply chain. 2020-07-07
Damage at Natanz, maybe cyber-induced but maybe not. Official Huawei skepticism spreads. Big European dragnet. Hushpuppi in custody. 2020-07-06
Solving hard problems and pursuing your passions. 2020-07-05
Evil Corp versus newspapers. Trolling for unprotected MongoDB. Taurus in the criminal souks. Law and security. Loot boxes as gambling items. 2020-07-02
EvilQuest ransomware identified. Out-of-band patches. The scope of Chinese surveillance of Uighurs. Hong Kong and the National Security Law. FCC finds against Huawei, ZTE. 2020-07-01
Critical bug disclosed in Palo Alto products (a fix is available). StronPity (a.k.a. Promethium) is back. A big Bitcoin scam. Lots of PII newly offered in the dark web. Australia and India look to their defenses. 2020-06-30
Ransomware pays, in California. Kashmir utility recovers from cyberattack. Update on hacktivism vs. Ethiopia. Another misconfigured AWS account. Guilt and sentencing in high-profile cybercrime. 2020-06-29
Get your foot in the door and prove your worth. 2020-06-28
Enter the RAT 2020-06-27
Camille Stewart from Google and Lauren Zabierek from Harvard's Belfer Center on the Sharethemicincyber event. 2020-06-26
Patch Exchange already, will ya? GoldenSpy lurks in tax software Chinese banks prefer their foreign clients to use. Magecart gets cleverer. Another unsecured AWS S3 bucket, and this one’s not funny. 2020-06-26

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