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Title Date published
Encore: Unpacking the Malvertising Ecosystem. [Research Saturday] 2021-01-02
Andy Greenberg on the Sandworm Indictments. 2021-01-01
SOAR – a first principle idea. 2020-12-31
Security operations centers: around the Hash Table. 2020-12-30
Security operations centers: a first principle idea. 2020-12-29
Cybersecurity First Principles: DevSecOps. 2020-12-28
Encore: Selena Larson: The Green Goldfish and cyber threat intelligence. [Analyst] (Career Notes] 2020-12-27
Encore: Seedworm digs Middle East intelligence. [Research Saturday] 2020-12-26
Encore: Separating fools from money. [Hacking Humans] 2020-12-25
Encore: Technology that allows cops to track your phone. [Caveat] 2020-12-24
Cozy Bear: quiet and patient. Counting the costs of cyberespionage. Iranian influence campaign sought to inspire post-US-election violence. 2020-12-23
Bear tracks all over the US Government’s networks. Pandas and Kittens and Bears, oh my... Emotet’s back. Spyware litigation. A few predictions. 2020-12-22
Sunburst looks worse: bad Bears in US networks, and that’s not just right at all. “Evil mobile emulator farm.” Report: Pegasus used against journalists. 2020-12-21
Robert Lee: Keeping the lights on. [ICS] [Word Notes] 2020-12-20
Advertising Software Development Kit (SDK): serving up more than just in-app ads and logging sensitive data. [Research Saturday] 2020-12-19
Cozy Bear has been very successful at being very bad. Advice on dealing with the supply chain compromise. Joker’s Stash has its problems. And a few thoughts on the near future. 2020-12-18
The SVR’s exploitation of the SolarWinds software supply chain proves a very damaging cyberespionage campaign. HPE zero-day. Report on China’s influence ops delayed. 2020-12-17
SolarWinds breach updates. Microsoft sinkholes Sunburst's C&C domain. Facebook takes down inauthentic networks. 2020-12-16
SolarWinds compromise scope grows clearer. DPRK’s Earth Kitsune. Google’s authentication issue. A look at the near future of cybersecurity. 2020-12-15
A few predictions, but today’s news is dominated by Cozy Bear’s supply chain attack on Solar Winds’ Orion Platform. 2020-12-14

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