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Title Date published
Rely on your strengths in the areas of the unknown. [Career Notes] 2020-08-02
Detecting Twitter bots in real time. [Research Saturday] 2020-08-01
Social engineering at Twitter. Phishing kits and hackers for hire. Cyberespionage. The EU sanctions actors for Cloudhopper, WannaCry, and NotPetya. And security advice from NSA and NIST. 2020-07-31
A quick look at Big Tech’s antitrust testimony. BootHole may be tough to patch. Fake COVID contact tracers. Netwalker warning. And Chinese espionage against the Vatican and the United Kingdom. 2020-07-30
Alleged Russian disinformation campaigns. Beijing’s cyberespionage hits the Vatican. Costly PII losses. VPNs and OT security. Big Tech’s day with Congress. Online bar exams. Snooping for the Saudis. 2020-07-29
Data breaches and responsibility. Where do you get a decryptor for WastedLocker? Third-party risk. Misconfigured databases. Follow-up on the Twitter hack. 2020-07-28
Vigilante action against Emotet. Third-party risks and data breaches. Cerberus is for sale. And WastedLocker ransomware and the fortunes of crime. 2020-07-27
No matter the statistic, even if against the odds, focus on what you want. [Career Notes] 2020-07-26
It was only a matter of time. [Research Saturday] 2020-07-25
A warning for US critical infrastructure operators. Blackbaud extortion and data breach update. Who’s got the keys to Twitter? Sino-American cyber tensions. 2020-07-24
Twitter: hackers got a few accounts’ DMs. French policy toward Huawei hardens. Crooks against British sport. You and your boss should talk more. 2020-07-23
Meowing exposed databases. US indicts two Chinese nationals for hacking, and orders China to close its Houston consulate. 2020-07-22
Parliament gets its report on Russian hacking. A look at the cyber criminal economy. Russia says it has no hackers. 2020-07-21
Following the spoor of the Twitter hackers, a couple of whom seem to be talking to the press. Marketing databases and intelligence collection. TikTok ban? Hacking biomedical research. 2020-07-20
Have to be able to communicate to everybody. [Career Notes] 2020-07-19
Every time we get smarter, the bad guy changes something. [Research Saturday] 2020-07-18
High-grade grifter. Twitter’s disinformation potential. Hacking vaccine research and doxing trade talks. What Iran’s hackers are up to. And CISA says, for heaven’s sake, patch already. 2020-07-17
Twitter takes down verified accounts after major hack (most service now restored). Russian influence operations. Cozy Bear’s biomedical intelligence collection. Spearphishing in Hong Kong. 2020-07-16
A 2018 Presidential finding authorized the CIA to conduct a broad range of offensive cyber ops. Data breaches and ransomware incidents. Sloppy VPNs. SEC warns, and China woofs. 2020-07-15
Huawei to be closed out of UK’s 5G infrastructure. Spyware, ransomware, and botnets. The odd case of Data Viper. SAP has a major patch out. 2020-07-14

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