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Masad Steals via Social Media. — Research Saturday 2019-10-26
Spearphishing the UN and NGOs. Clickware kicked out of app stores. ICS security notes. Close-reading the Turla false-flag reports. A good use for the dark web. Senators call for investigations. 2019-10-25
Clouds are back after being out. Bitpaymer hits German manufacturer. Cross-plaform mobile malware. SecurityWeek’s 2019 ICS Cyber Security Conference. 2019-10-24
Caveat — Crowdsourced private surveillance. 2019-10-24
Criminal connections. The risky business of acquisition. Joker is back, and it’s not funny. Most dangerous celebrities. Notes from SecurityWeek’s ICS Cyber Security Conference. 2019-10-23
More coordinated inauthenticity taken down. The Westphalian system and cyber conflict. VPNs and an AV company sustain incidents. Assange and extradition. 2019-10-22
Not every incident is necessarily an attack. Not everything that purrs is a kitten (sometimes it’s a bear that would like you to think it’s a kitten). ICS security notes. 2019-10-21
Hoping for SOHO security — Research Saturday 2019-10-19
Clickfraud and third-parties (both SDKs and stores). Trojanized TOR browser steals from Russian users. WiFi bugs. Sketchy jailbreak. Big Tech on free speech. Cooperation against terrorism. 2019-10-18
Cozy Bear never really left. Iran denies it suffered a US cyberattack. Malicious WAV files. Darknet dragnet hauls in child exploitation ring. Graboid infests Docker hosts. 2019-10-17
Cyber retaliation for a kinetic attack, again. Industrial espionage from China. Botnet does sextortion. Typosquatting the other candidate. A poor approach to reputation management. 2019-10-16
Ransomware hits US, French companies. ISPs as combat support arms. Lawful intercept gone rogue? Lazarus Group is back and in GitHub. China’s security laws and security risks. 2019-10-15
Decrypting ransomware for good. — Research Saturday 2019-10-12
Ransomware and a zero-day. A newly discovered espionage platform. FIN7’s new tricks. Beijing speaks and Apple listens. A visit to NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate. 2019-10-11
Alleged DIA leaker. Europol cybergang study. Protecting the DIB. Chinese information operations. 2019-10-10
Twitter and two-factor authentication. Privacy concerns. The US Senate Intelligence Committee reports on Russian troll farms. Turla is back with some new tricks. 2019-10-09
Riding herd on Mustang Panda. Drupalgeddon2 is out in the wild. VPN warnings and mitigations. Patch notes. An offer to share intelligence about Huawei. Presidential sites get low privacy grades. 2019-10-08
Iran hacks for influence. Brazilian PII up for auction. Prince Harry vs. Fleet Street. Electrical infrastructure cyber risk. Paying ransom. HildaCrypt developers say they’re going straight. 2019-10-07
The fuzzy boundaries of APT41. — Research Saturday 2019-10-05
Android vulnerability exploited in the wild. Careless spycraft. The Eye on the Nile. A new Chinese threat actor. A spoiling attack in the CryptoWars. Take election interference, please. 2019-10-04

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