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Title Date published
This Woodcutter’s no Railsplitter. Operation Dream Job. COVID-19 phishing. 2020-08-13
Domestic cyber squabbling in Belarus and Iran. Pakistan accuses India of a cyber offensive. More on Papua’s data center. More privacy questions for TikTok. Parental control or stalker’s tool? 2020-08-12
Internet blackout in Belarus. Papua New Guinea’s insecure National Data Centre. Chrome and CSP rule bypass. Zoom gets sued in DC. Patch Tuesday. Go Spartans. 2020-08-11
NMAP (noun) [Word Notes] 2020-08-11
What are the adversaries’ goals in election interference? A case study in the ransomware-as-a-service market. Untangling TikTok, as the clock ticks toward September 15th. 2020-08-10
The Green Goldfish and cyber threat intelligence. [Career Notes] 2020-08-09
Like anything these days, you have to disinfect it first. [Research Saturday] 2020-08-08
US Executive Orders against TikTok, WeChat. Chimera takes chip IP. Intel data leaked. Texting Rewards for Justice. Coordinated inauthenticity. Magecart’s homoglyph attacks. 2020-08-07
US Clean Network program outlines measures against Chinese operations. $10 million reward offered for info on election interference. Australia’s cyber strategy is out. Grand larceny and petty lulz. 2020-08-06
Privacy, Fort Meade style. Interpol looks at cybercrime. Oilrig gets DNSExfiltrator. Please move on from Windows 7. Updates on the Twitter hack. 2020-08-05
US attributes Taidoor RAT to China’s government. Pegasus spyware in Togo. The TikTok affair. More fallout from the Blackbaud ransomware incident. 2020-08-04
Microsoft considers acquiring TikTok. The US considers other Chinese companies as potential security threats. Charges in the Twiter hack. DDoS turns out to be a glitch. Garmin hack update. 2020-08-03
Rely on your strengths in the areas of the unknown. [Career Notes] 2020-08-02
Detecting Twitter bots in real time. [Research Saturday] 2020-08-01
Social engineering at Twitter. Phishing kits and hackers for hire. Cyberespionage. The EU sanctions actors for Cloudhopper, WannaCry, and NotPetya. And security advice from NSA and NIST. 2020-07-31
A quick look at Big Tech’s antitrust testimony. BootHole may be tough to patch. Fake COVID contact tracers. Netwalker warning. And Chinese espionage against the Vatican and the United Kingdom. 2020-07-30
Alleged Russian disinformation campaigns. Beijing’s cyberespionage hits the Vatican. Costly PII losses. VPNs and OT security. Big Tech’s day with Congress. Online bar exams. Snooping for the Saudis. 2020-07-29
Data breaches and responsibility. Where do you get a decryptor for WastedLocker? Third-party risk. Misconfigured databases. Follow-up on the Twitter hack. 2020-07-28
Vigilante action against Emotet. Third-party risks and data breaches. Cerberus is for sale. And WastedLocker ransomware and the fortunes of crime. 2020-07-27
No matter the statistic, even if against the odds, focus on what you want. [Career Notes] 2020-07-26

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